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Language Modeling: Advancements, Applications, and Challenges

Unleashing AI Communication Tools: Advancements in language modeling

Language Modeling is a fundamental aspect of Natural Language Processing, focusing on the development and application of computational models to understand, generate, and interpret human …

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AI Regulation: Navigating the Growing Concerns and Implications

Unmasking the Urgent Need for AI Regulations: Navigating Potential Laws and Tech Governance Challenges

AI Regulation refers to the policies and laws designed to monitor, control, and provide guidelines regarding the development and use of artificial intelligence systems. As …

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Generative AI Platforms: The Rise of Microsoft's AI-Powered Bing and Beyond

Unleashing the Future: Microsoft’s AI Innovations Spearhead Generative AI Advancements & Power Search

Generative AI Platforms: The Rise of Microsoft’s AI-Powered Bing and Beyond explores the innovative shift in technology through artificial intelligence. This paper focuses on how …

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